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Namibia Horseback Safari

with Marika Griehsel
suitcase 1 - 10 may  2021 ( provisional )
Marika Griehsel

Marika Griehsel

Afrika Select offers an exclusive horseback safari through the spectacular Namib desert with Marika Griehsel and our partners, the Namibia Horse Safari Company.

"This is the ultimate experience that I would like to share.  Nothing beats a ride across this magnificent landscape on a strong and fit horse, sleeping under the stars far from the stress and turmoil of daily life.

We have just 12 places on this trip of a lifetime.

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Namibia Horseback Safari With Marika Griehsel


Day 1: saturday 1st may 2021. Depart for Windhoek, Namibia

International flights to Windhoek to be booked by  Guests. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to confirm departure and arrival times and for help with finding the best flights. 

Train Times to Arlanda Airport Stockholm

Day 2: Sunday 2nd may 2021. Windhoek.

We will transfer to our lodge from the airport. After check in we will offer a guided walking tour of the city. Marika covered events in Namibia as a journalist from independence in 1990 for 3 decades and has detailed historical knowledge. We will have dinner as a group and get to know each other before our riding adventure.

Day 3: monday 3rd may 2021. Departure for 1st riding camp

  • Meals:

    Breakfast at lodge

    All meals included during the riding safari

Lodging: camping

Sleep under the stars in the desert

Our guides will collect us from our lodge and transport us to our first camp in the Namib desert. At the camp we will meet our horses and our support team and receive a safety briefing after which we will have dinner round the campfire. Camping stretchers with fine linen and down duvets ensure a comfortable night under spectacular desert skies. Simple outdoor showers and chemical toilets are set up at each camp.

The adventure begins!

Day 4 & 5: tuesday 4th - wednesday 5th may 2021. Namib desert

  • Meals

    All meals included

Camping under the stars

After a hearty, early breakfast we saddle up and set off across the wide open grass plains. We are now entering the world's oldest desert. Walk, trott, canter and sometimes full gallop with loose extra horses alongside. We will pass herds of oryx, zebra, giraffe and many other desert adapted animals. The desert is dissected by dry riverbeds with water holes dug down to to the subterranean rivers where we will stop to water ourselves and our horses. Our support crew will sometimes meet us with water and refreshments.
Our guides will be able to give us knowldege and insight into the unique fauna, flora and ecosystem that thrives with virtually no rain.
Every day we will ride for 4 - 5 hours before taking a long lunch break then ride for 3 - 4 hours in the late afternoon. 
Riders are all responsible for welfare of their own horse a pleasant task to be completed before meeting around the campfire for a well deserved drink and dinner.
The support team transports clothes beddings and personal bags and will set up camp and prepare food each evening.  
Our guides will have radio or telephone communication at all times so this is a great opportunity to disconnect from media for a while.

Day 6 & 7: thursday 6th - friday 7th may 2021. Moon landscape and sand dunes

  • Meals

    Day 5. All meals included

    Day 6. Breakfast & Lunch included, dinner at own cost

Day 5 Camping
Day 6 Lodge in Swakopmund

After 2 fantastic days riding through the desert we descend into the Swakop river valley. An unearthly moon in shades of black meets us on our descent. These formations were formed over 600 million years ago and are one of Namibia's unique experiences. The riverbed is almost always dry but a few metres under the sand flows live sustaining water. The temperature drops as we near the coast and it is not uncommon for a cool fog to roll in from the atlantic overnight.
We ride down the riverbed to the quaint coastal town, Swakopmund. On the afternoon of day 6 we reach the coast and the endless beaches of the atlantic. Breathtakingly beautiful! 

Day 8: saturday 8th may 2021. Dolphins and seals at Walvis Bay

  • Meals

    Breakfast included

    Lunch and dinner at own cost

Lodge, Swakopmund

We bid farwell to our fourlegged friends and move on to another adventure. We travel a few kms south to the wide bay at the neighbouring city of Walvis Bay. Here we will take a boat cruise to view dolphins, seals and the flamingos that frequent these waters. A seafood lunch that includes locally harvested oystersand will be served on board. We round off the afternoon with an opportunity to do some shopping in Swakopmund or to visit one of the celebrated german style coffe shops in this town which was at one time an important outpost of the german colony. We round off our adventure with dinner at one of Swakopmund's best restaurants where they serve fresh atlantic seafood as well as Namibia's celebrated beef and venison.

Day 9: sunday 9th may 2021. Swakopmund - Windhoek and flight home.

  • Meals

    Breakfast included 

    Lunch at own cost

    Dinner on flight

Overnight flight

Up at dawn and farwell to the coast. We drive back to through the spectacular desert landscape to Windhoek and our flights home.


Day 10: monday 10th may 2021. Arrive home.

  • Meals

    Breakfast on flight

Arrival home.

sun Important information

  • Our horse's welfare is a priority, please be clear about your weight and riding expertise when booking. Riders over 85kg may be liable for the cost of a reserve horse. 
  • Camp life has it's own relaxed rythm, the day starts at sunrise with tea or coffee. Horses are fed and watered and after a hearty breakfast we saddle up at around 8am. We ride for 4 - 5 hours before  lunch. After a break of around 2 hours we ride for 3 - 4 hours through the late afternoon.  
  • We ride between 30 and 40 km per day. 
  • In camp there will be bucket showers suspended in canvas shower stalls and toilets are simple bucket latrines.
  • We sleep on camp beds with bed rolls that include good linen and warm duvets. Tents are an optional extra but we reccomend the experience of sleeping under the stars in the clear desert climate. 
  • Special dietary requirements and allergies can be accomodated. Please specify when booking. 
  • Single rooms can be booked at the lodges. A single supplement will be charged.
  • All travellers must take out comprehensive health and accident insurance with a specific provision for medical evacuation. We can help with reccomendations for this.
  • All participants  are resposible for the care of, saddling, feeding and grooming of their horse and are expected to set up their own beds in camp.
  • Baggage is handed over to the support team every morning for transport by truck to the next camp.
Price is ex Windhoek: 
Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a price.
Afrika Select can assist you with your international flight booking.
All meals are include during safari lunch on day 7 and dinner on day 8 are for own cost.
A selection of drinks including wine and beer are included on safari.
Not included: 
Gratuities to guides, drinks at the lodges and during stops at refreshment kiosks.
Travellers can order travel insurance and cancellation protection at 
Europeiska, www.erv.se
Flights can be booked online or through our partners Tranås Travel agency, Bibie Andersson telephon;  +46 140  37 50 70
Marika Griehsel, Afrika Select AB will be able to advise on the best flights.
Pleae confirm with us before booking flights to ensure that the whole prty is in place in time for the start and finish of the safari.
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